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Almighty Dave and Thor

 Tag Line: Some kids have imaginary friends, Dave has an ancient god. Summary: 11-year-old Dave’s father is dead and mother doesn’t spend nearly enough time with him. He deals with all the things that elementary school boys do: school lunches, bullies, and girls.   But all that changes when he meets his imaginary friend: Thor, god …

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Clockwork of Oz, The

Genre: Family Adventure Status: in Productions A young girl, convinced her parents don’t understand her, runs away from home. Hiding in her clubhouse behind her house she falls asleep. During the night a storm kicks up and frightens her.  As she runs for cover a lightning bolt strikes near her and sends her flying. When …

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Power Boys, The

“The true story of a cattleman turned miner and the feud that led up to the largest man hunt in Arizona state history.” This is the story of a man struggling to keep his family together, even against their own will. In 1911, a series of tragic events led up to the death of Thomas …

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