Sales Agents an Producer’s Representation.

The original White Hogan trading post (pictured here) was built by hand by Jon Bonnell, Sr and his father, John Bonnell in 1946. This legacy is being continued through White Hogan Pictures by Jon Bonnell, Jr and Jason Bonnell (brothers).  That’s more than 60 years of history and three generations of entrepreneurs.

White Hogan Pictures prides itself in bringing quality, marketable films for worldwide distribution. We are steadfastly growing and financially backed for the long haul. We want to focus on building lasting, long-term relationships with our licensors and producers so that everyone wins and everyone is rewarded.

Jon Bonnell

Born and raised in Arizona, Jon Bonnell produces, directs, and writes both for film and television. His entertainment career has encompassed theater, film, and television in Phoenix and Los Angeles. Jon has produced five features and 26 episodes of television; all of which have gone on to be successful for the investors. He has successfully delivered titles to Anchor Bay, LionsGate, 20th Century Fox, and more. Jon has also been contracted to “save” films for buyers through extensive oversight of post production and marketing.

Jon Bonnell has worked in film and television distribution since 2008 and has been responsible for the distribution of more than 100 feature films and hundreds of episodes of television including such films as Henry’s Crime (Keanu Reeves and James Caan), See You In September (Whoopee Goldberg, Estella Warren), and Mayor Cupcake (Judd Nelson and Lea Thompson).  He has worked with Moving Pictures Film and Television, Screenmedia, ICAP Media, and Freestyle Releasing and been responsible for everything from theatrical releases to television sales.

In addition to his producing and sales Jon volunteers with the Independent Feature Project (IFP) and speaks on Independent Film distribution throughout California and the southwest.

Jon, You’re already a success and you’re what we call “Trudging the road of happy destiny” – Dov Simens







Jason Bonnell

Born and raised in Arizona as well, Jason Bonnell has more than 20 feature films to his credit and is a working production professional.  From independent features to television movies and block buster studio projects, Jason brings a wealth of contacts and professional expertise to White Hogan Films.