Clockwork of Oz, TheGenre: Family Adventure
Status: in Productions

A young girl, convinced her parents don’t understand her, runs away from home.

Hiding in her clubhouse behind her house she falls asleep. During the night a storm kicks up and frightens her.  As she runs for cover a lightning bolt strikes near her and sends her flying.

When she recovers she is trapped on the edge of a maze that stretches off in all directions. An imposing man wearing goggles appears almost out of nowhere and tells her that she has come to the land of Oz.

She accuses him of lying.  After all, where are the yellow brick road and the Munchkins?  He goes on to explain that the land has changed since Dorothy was last there.  Not only did the wizard leave, but so has the scarecrow and Princess Ozma.  They modernized.  A computer, a steam driven, clockwork, now runs the land of Oz.  If she wishes to get home she will have to make her way through the maze to ask the clockwork for help.

Along the way she meets a villager in need of common sense, a mechanical man that has lost his voice, and rescues the last surviving Munchkin from scavenging Jackdaws.

Upon reaching the old Emerald city she soon learns that it has turned into a fortress guarded by the robotic forces of the Clockwork.  The Clockwork tells them that it can help with their problems, but they must help it and all of Oz first.

The Pirate Queen has been terrorizing Oz and the Emerald City in her air ship.  They must somehow stop her and return home.


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